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Do the Tarot cards intrigue you, but the daunting task of memorizing 78 card meanings keeps you at arm's length? Tarot Alchemy offers a refreshing approach that prioritizes your unique perspective, guiding you to trust the messages you receive from the cards through your own lens of understanding. Here, your intuition isn't just a guide; it's the star of the show. Tarot Alchemy emerges as a powerful challenge to the status quo, urging you to trust in the wisdom and power of your intuition.

Dive into the transformative world of Tarot Alchemy, where the ancient practice of Tarot reading is reimagined as a joyful journey of self-discovery and intuitive awakening. This is not just another Tarot book; it's an invitation to a sacred dance with the unknown, a playful game that reconnects you to your inner wisdom and the whispers of the Universe.

  • Practical Tools for Transformation: Through heart-centered readings, intuitive exercises, and explorations of Numerology, color theory, and Astrology, deepen your connection with Tarot and yourself.
  • The Joy of Tarot: Rediscover the playfulness and creativity that Tarot embodies, freeing yourself from frustration and opening your heart to the limitless possibilities of intuitive reading.
  • Confidence in Your Inner Voice: Discover strategies to develop and trust your inner knowing, using Tarot as a powerful tool to unlock the doors to your own wisdom and intuition.

This book was written and designed by Vivianna Severance, owner and founder of Wild Raven's Nest. It is available for pre-sale now through June 1st at a discounted rate. Available worldwide wherever books are sold June 1st.