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Meet the founder of Wild Raven's Nest

My name is Vivianna, and I am the owner and Founder of Wild Raven's Nest. My multidimensional approach helps seekers connect with their intuition and develop it through various modalities. When we lean into who we really are, things shift. I am committed to facilitating a space where like-minded individuals can unite, learn, and create a community. 

Being an eclectic creature effortlessly transitioning between the realms of shadow and light, I resonate with the spiritual symbolism of the Raven. My gifts developed as a child without understanding why I was so different. I suppressed this side of myself and kept it quiet until 2016, when I took a deep dive into yoga. My gifts resurfaced then, propelling me into a sharp learning curve as I sought to understand and refine them. Over the years, I've pursued various courses and trainings, but the most valuable aspect of my growth has been discovering a supportive community that recognizes and shares my journey.

Beyond my work at Wild Raven's Nest, I'm a multi-passionate creatrix. I craft unique sacred jewelry, find solace in the art of writing, and am currently immersing myself in the world of pottery. My creative pursuits are integral to my holistic journey, adding depth and color to my life.

This is a place to shop, gather, learn, and play for like-minded individuals seeking community and a safe environment. With a unique spiritual boutique, services, and classes, we have a lot to offer!

How to find us:

Located at Old Mill Marketplace, "The Villages"
542 E. Dallas St. #101 Canton, TX 75103

Across the parking lot from "The Mountain".
Pull into the parking lot and head left towards the red water tower.

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Photography by Tia Esther Creative