Movement & Community

Mermaid Movement is Movement Medicine, allowing the playful and fierce Feminine to rise and find freedom in the body.

This 90-minute dance-yoga fusion workshop brings you out of the head and into the body. Tap back into your sovereignty with moody and exciting music, dance, Oracle cards, essential oils, breath work, and extended, juicy Savasanas. We gather in circle to make new connections with others and ourselves.

"The Mermaid Movement community found me in 2020 and broke me open in ways I never thought possible. Founder Kristen Rud is a teacher, birth worker, facilitator, dear friend, and mentor. Through Spiritual Summer Camp, and Leadership Academy, I re-discovered my strength and the power of connection with other women."

-Vivianna founder of Wild Raven's Nest

Want to Join the Movement?

"Working with women allows us to reach the entire family unit, the entire community. Our 'woman-at-the-center' approach allows our mission to ripple throughout households and lineages."

-Kristen Rud, Founder of MM Women's Wellness and Mermaid Movement

  • Take a Class

    Dive into a Mermaid Movement Workshop and experience what the Mermaids are all about. We love to flow, move, dance, and shake as we reach the depths of who we are and discover the hidden treasures of our souls.

    This is a great place to start and get to know the Mermaids.

    Register for our next Mermaid Movement here.

  • Join the Network

    The Mighty Network is an intentional online platform that offers connection, resources, and community. There you will find:

    • Rites of Passage, Seasonal living, & holistic approaches for women
    • Articles and information backed by research
    • Resources and support for birth workers and familes.
    • A place to connect and ask questions.
  • Come to Camp

    Spiritual Summer Camp is about connection.

    • Connection to Mother Nature
    • Connection to Community 
    • Connection to Self

    "We believe seasonal living and community care are the foundational pieces of women's overall wellbeing. Join us for the total MM Experience, Spiritual Summer Camp."

    -Kristen Rud, SSC Founder and Facilitator

    Sign up for SSC2024 with code WILDRAVEN to save $50.

  • Read MM Publication

    Purchase one of the MM Publication magazines in-store or online.

    "MM Publication: Inspiration for the Modern Magdalena is a postmodern guide by women, for women. This co-creation is filled with stories, creative ideas and tips that add value to the modern woman’s life.  We believe that seasonal living and honoring the cycles of nature are the true secrets to wellbeing, and these pages are filled to inspire just that, for women and families across the globe."

    -MM Publication

  • Visit Mama Mermaid

    At the hub of it all, we have MM Women's Wellness, founded by Mama Mermaid herself, Kristen Rud.

    The MM Women's Wellness website is where you can find all things mermaid as well as resources and inspriation that are derrived from years of experience and knowledge.

    MM Wellness is based in CA and offers online classes and services.

    Check out the MM Women's Wellness website here

Make time for you and your girls!

Discover the joy of connecting with the influential women in your life in a fresh and meaningful way. Consider hosting a private party Mermaid Movement Workshop to foster genuine and lasting bonds. You have the flexibility to choose the location, whether it's at your residence, workplace, vacation rental, or an event venue. For those seeking an intimate setting, our Terrell location provides the space.

Please note that a minimum of seven attendees is required, with a fee of just $20 per person. Let's make your private party an unforgettable experience!

Contact Vivianna (469) 505-7747