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It's TIME! I'm thrilled to announce the exclusive pre-sale of the highly anticipated collection, The Tarot Alchemy Workbook, The Tarot Alchemy Journal, and The Tarot Alchemy Notebook! These interactive books are created to teach you how to start reading Tarot TODAY!

Available for pre-order now through June 1st, when the collection will be released globally. This is your opportunity to be among the first to experience the transformative nature of Tarot Alchemy.

Why pre-order?

  • Early Bird Access: Receive your copy before the official worldwide release. Cutoff date 5/15!
  • Special Pre-Sale Price: Take advantage of a discounted rate available only during the pre-sale period now through June 1st.
  • Join a Growing Community: Be part of a special group of early readers who will have the opportunity to share their insights and experiences on all platforms and at the official book launch party and signing coming in July.
  • Be first in line for the 4th book: Tarot Alchemy Circles is a guide on hosting your own Tarot Circles releasing late 2024 with a certification program to become a Tarot Alchemy Circle Facilitator.

Don't miss out—secure your copy now and be ready when the journey unfolds on June 1st. Special thanks to my publisher Sharissa Bradley at 5 Two Press!

What is Tarot Alchemy?

Tarot Alchemy is an approach to reading that emphasizes deep connection and introspection while bringing playfulness and fun back to the game that Tarot started as. At its core, Tarot Alchemy goes beyond mere fortune-telling and divination. It involves reading the cards with a sense of mindfulness and heart-centered awareness, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom and the collective consciousness.

In Tarot Alchemy, you, the reader, rely on intuition and inner guidance to receive messages from the cards that help you transform your life. Intuition thrives in our imagination, and the goal is to help you develop your inner knowing using Tarot as a tool. Rather than leaning solely on traditional interpretations, a.k.a. reaching for a book definition, you will begin to trust the whispers coming from within you.

Often, people pick up a deck and quickly become overwhelmed with the need to learn all 78 definitions from books before they feel any confidence in reading. With Tarot Alchemy, we do things differently. We focus on and prioritize your first interpretation by looking at the artwork.

Relying on intuition before reaching for a book is where we begin to develop our gifts and learn to trust ourselves. Much like learning a new language, you won’t get far if you don’t put that book down and start speaking.

Attend a Tarot Alchemy Circle

On the first Saturday of every month, we gather at Wild Raven's nest in Terrell, Tx to share our love of Tarot through games, teachings, and sharing our collective knowledge. Play and explore Tarot in new and fun ways. Our goal is to demystify Tarot and get you reading the cards right away.

We welcome new members into our growing group of and encourage you to make new connections.

Don't have a deck yet? We've got you covered with a loaner deck to tinker with and try on for size and decks available for purchase.