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The Tarot Alchemy Journal is an expansive playground for your intuition and creativity. Engage with dynamic journal prompts, undertake a 20-day Tarot challenge, and explore the free space sections where your personal insights blossom. This isn't just about reading Tarot cards; it's about integrating them into your daily life and spiritual practice, allowing you to craft a personal dialogue with the Universe.

Building on the transformative foundations laid in The Tarot Alchemy Workbook, The Tarot Alchemy Journal invites you deeper into the mystical art of Tarot. This second book in the series is designed for those with a baseline understanding of the cards or those who have journeyed through the first workbook. Here, we delve further, offering interactive experiences that connect Tarot with the Wheel of the Year, lunar cycles, and astrological influences.

  • 20-Day Tarot Challenge: Engage in daily card draws, tally the emerging patterns, and geek out over the intricate connections between the cards to discover new insights.
  • Let‘s Get Personal: Uncover your Soul Path, Personality, and Year numbers. This exploration personalizes your understanding of both the Tarot and yourself, enhancing your connection with the cards.
  • New Ways to Journal: Packed with a variety of interactive, engaging ways to explore Tarot, this journal allows you the freedom to navigate its pages in any order that resonates with you, ensuring a unique and personalized journey with every session.

This book was written and designed by Vivianna Severance, owner and founder of Wild Raven's Nest. It is available for pre-sale now through June 1st at a discounted rate. Available worldwide wherever books are sold June 1st.