Tiger's Eye and Sea Glass

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This listing features a Sea Glass and tumbled Tiger's Eye pendant in copper.

With the elements of Fire and Earth, Tiger's eye has strong protection and grounding properties. Tigers eye was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishing and curses. It whispers to slow down and trust in yourself. Create space and allow Tigers eye to protect you, lay down your fear and worry. Find time to draw a bath and slow your energy. Bring in your intuition and courage. 

Tigers Eye combines Earth energy with Sun energy to create a high vibrational state that is nevertheless grounded, drawing spiritual energies to earth. Bring this piece to the third eye during meditation to enhance psychic abilities, balance the lower chakras, and to stimulate the rise of kundalini.

Glass my dear, is elementary. Like glass we are also made of the elements of earth. We are fragile, yet strong after we have been through life's trials and hell fire. Glass is inert. Its molecular structure does not allow it to react with other elements. We can learn from it to create peace and stability in chaos.

Every item worked by Wild Raven is intuitively crafted with intention, with purpose. Not just another pretty gemstone or crystal, your unique piece is made to assist you in your journey. This business began when a simple problem presented itself. I was in my own personal journey and started to learn about symbolism and crystals. When I searched for the crystals I needed, they were made by corporations, monetized companies, or poorly crafted. I have seen many beautiful pieces, magnificently handcrafted by artisans but still couldn't find what I was looking for. I began simple wire wrapping and fell in love. My craft continues to evolve as I add in new elements that draw me in. It brings me joy to also incorporate my love of Reiki. Every item is cleared and blessed with Reiki and ready for your intention setting. The best part of all? Combining Reiki, Tarot, and jewelry design to create custom pieces based off of the energy and spiritual journey of that individual. Check my shop for this service. Thanks so much for being here with me on this amazing adventure!

Electroforming is a process using raw copper and electricity in an acidic bath to create the items you see here. First the item is designed on paper, then the raw materials are gathered and shaped. The materials are bonded together and left to cure. Next there are two kinds of sealants and conductive paint applied. Here is where the magic happens!!!  Items are placed into the bath and zapped for several hours to create a natural formation of copper on our item. Chemistry is important and so much fun. Once finished in the bath the items are polished, oxidized, and sealed.

Care - though all pieces are sealed to maintain their appearance, it will wear off over time. Not to worry, copper oxidizes naturally and reacts to your own body chemistry. If you live by the beach for example, you may see some blues and greens come in! If the color of the copper has become too dark simply use a fine steel wool to polish under tap water. You can then re-seal it with protectaclear, or clear nail polish in a pinch. These items can be delicate so take care to treat them as the treasures they are. These items are safe to be in water to clear and cleanse but remember some crystals may not be water safe. 

Just like most crystals, Tiger's Eye and Glass absorb energies very easily, it is important to clear these stones on a regular basis. I keep all of my stones on selenite slabs as the easiest way to keep the clear and ready for use. I also like to use smokes of many kinds to clear. Rosemary and sage are my personal favorites.

All items are handmade with precision and care. Please expect some variations in your one-of-a-kind item.

B233 Cat2