Hematite Keychain

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Introducing the Hematite Keychain with Charm - a luxurious addition to your keyring! 

Hematite has been tied to magic and blood for over three thousand years. It carries a high iron content and is used to prevent excessive bleeding in childbirth. Hematite also eases heavy periods and clots, and amps up healthy circulation. 

Working with the root chakra, it keeps the wearer truly grounded and provides protection for empaths with tendencies to be a sponge for others negative emotions. Hematite gives a hearty boost of confidence and courage, allowing the wearer to overcome people pleasing behaviors

Featuring a unique charm design, this keychain is sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it. The hematite gives the keychain a beautiful, silver-grey shine that adds a touch of sophistication to your keys.

Not only is this keychain stylish, but it's also practical! The sturdy clasp ensures that your keys stay safe and secure on the keychain, meaning you never have to worry about losing them.