Opossum + Snake earrings

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This piece features a locally harvested opossum bone and an snake rib from our property in Texas.

Snake’s transformative powers will support you as you go below the surface of emotions and perceptions. Just as a snake molts away its skin, you may be presented with an opportunity to peel layers that are worn off or unnecessary aspects of your life.  

The spirit of the Opossum holds deep spiritual significance, teaching us valuable lessons. Possums are known for their strategic approach to challenges, often 'playing dead' to avoid threats. They urge us to think strategically and plan our actions carefully in our own lives. Additionally, possums embody adaptability, showing us the importance of adjusting and thriving in various situations. They teach us to question our assumptions and see beyond surface appearances, using intelligence to disarm predators and defuse threats. Possums are resourceful creatures, finding food and shelter in unlikely places, inspiring us to be resourceful and innovative. As a symbol of fertility and abundance, the presence of possums indicates that blessings and opportunities are granted. Lastly, possums exhibit a strong survival instinct, representing resilience and the will to survive against all odds. May the spirit of the possum guide us on our spiritual journey, imparting wisdom and strength.