Brass Tree of Life chimes

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Brass Bell Chime Chakras - Tree of Life

Experience pure indulgence with the Brass Bell Chime Chakras - Tree of Life, an exquisite chime crafted to stimulate your senses and balance your chakras. The beautiful design of the chime features a Tree of Life adorned with seven colourful crystals representing the seven chakras of the human body, making it a perfect tool for meditation practices.

The gentle chiming sound of the brass bells invites serenity and peace, calming both body and mind while enriching the soul. Bask in an aura of tranquility as you are transported to a peaceful, zen-like state. The intricate carvings further enhance this beautiful chime, making it an ideal addition to any spiritual space or home altar.

Each chime is delicately handcrafted, making each piece unique and special. It’s the perfect gift for friends and family who seek to foster balance and harmony in their lives.

Let the music of the chimes soothe your soul and align your chakras, bringing you closer to a state of pure bliss.

Width in Inches: 3.5

Length in Inches: 12