Lava stone skull

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Introducing the Carved Lava Stone Skull - a powerful and unique piece that combines the spiritual properties of lava stone with the symbolism of the skull.

Lava stone is a grounding stone that is formed from volcanic eruptions. It is believed to have strong energetic properties that can help to bring stability and calmness to the mind and body. Lava stone is also associated with the root chakra, which is the foundation of our energy system, and is said to help promote feelings of safety, security, and balance.

The skull, on the other hand, has long been associated with concepts of mortality, transformation, and spiritual awakening. It is a powerful symbol that reminds us of the impermanence of life and the need to embrace change and transformation.

This Carved Lava Stone Skull measures approximately 45mm in length, 30mm in width, and 40mm in height, making it a compact and versatile piece that can be carried in a pocket, placed on an altar, or used in meditation. The intricate carving on the surface of the skull adds to its unique and striking appearance.

Whether you are looking to connect with the grounding energy of lava stone or tap into the transformative power of the skull symbol, this Carved Lava Stone Skull is a powerful and meaningful addition to any collection.

 This listing is for one (1) lava skull head 

This is a stock photo, each item will vary in color, shape, and texture. 

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