Space Clearing Workshop: Create your own smudge fan 2/17 5:30pm

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Burning herbs to create a cleansing smoke that is used to purify people, ceremonial tools/objects, your home, or healing space is an ancient practice. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn about the process as well as create a custom feather fan.

You will select from a variety of feathers and attach items that carry your medicine. You are welcome to bring feathers and beads that are meaningful to you. However, all feathers and materials to complete your feather fan will be available at the workshop. It is a beautiful creative experience. Also included in the cost of the workshop, you will receive a White Sage bundle.

Learn how to:

•Spiritually cleanse your home, office, yourself, and others

•Honor this practice by learning more about the history and origins of this practice

•Create sacred space for healing work

•Use herbs to cleanse crystals and sacred items

•Release old stagnant emotions

•Work with varieties of sages, sweet grass, palo santo, resins, and other sacred herbs.