Chakra Singing Bowls

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Brass singing bowls made in India. Each with it's Chakra Symbol and Design, Pillow in matching colors, and wooden mallet.

The color choices are:

Violet- Crown Chakra

Indigo- Third Eye 

Blue- Throat Chakra

Green- Heart Chakra

Yellow- Solar Plexus Chakra

Orange - Sacral Charka

Red- Root Chakra 

These Chakra Bowls are all individually beautiful! The colors are so bright and vibrant perfect for adding a pop of color to your sacred space.

Measures Approx.: bowl- 4.125" x 4.125 and 2.125" tall / pillow - 4" x 4" and 1.125" tall / wood piece - 1" thick x 1.125" wide x 6" tall