Blue Kyanite Electroformed Pendant

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Blue Kyanite grows in nature becoming a long bladed crystal. It is considered to be an exotic gem enriched with many healing properties. Humming with high vibrations, free from gathering negative energies, and as pure as swimming in the Aegean Sea, Kyanite is all about spiritual yet grounded flow.  One of the few stones that does not require clearing, you can rest assured that your piece will always hold pure energy for you to tap into.
Blue Kyanite focuses on opening the Throat Chakra. When we feel heard and speak our truth, we are on the path to achieving our fullest potential. Great for performers, and public speakers, or even speaking your thoughts to a room of family members. Connect with loved ones on a deeper level with intuitive knowledge and soulful words. This stone breaks through blockages and thrums with divine vibrations allowing strong connections, loyalty, compassionate communication without allowing people pleasing patterns to take charge. 
Aiding in the development of spiritual and psychic gifts, Blue Kyanite also stimulates healing dreams. Place this piece by your bed and when possible, try to wake without an alarm. Lay in the same position you woke up in to tap into the magick of dream recall. This practice will help you comprehend the deep symbolism of dreams.  Sometimes, we get our most important messages from the universe when we are sleeping. Being able to remember these dreams help us to pick apart the meaning and decipher what our intuition and spirit has for us. 
This stone is also a treasured zodiac birthstone for Libra, Aries, and Taurus.