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Wild Raven

10/28 4pm Awakening Intuition

10/28 4pm Awakening Intuition

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How many times have you experienced that undeniable tug deep within, an intuitive whisper nudging you to listen? Yet, how often have we allowed our rational mind to override this innate knowing, only to realize that our initial intuition was, in fact, right all along?

We invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery that honors the wisdom within you. Let's unlock the potential of your inner voice! Through this immersive workshop, we'll guide you on a holistic exploration of your intuitive capabilities, nurturing your connection and helping you weave it into your daily life. Your inner wisdom eagerly awaits your embrace in this transformative experience.

What to expect: 

Expect the unexpected, release all preconceptions. When working with our intuitive abilities, it is crucial to relinquish expectations and maintain an open mind towards the unknown. 

We will learn to still the restless waves of the mind through guided meditations that not only promote relaxation but also serve as gateways to accessing your intuition's whispers. Cultivate mindfulness as you attune yourself to the subtle energies within and around you.

We will uncover and nurture your innate intuitive gifts through carefully crafted exercises designed to awaken your senses, enhance your perception, and ignite your intuitive sparks. As you refine your intuitive senses, you'll find yourself making decisions aligned with your higher self.

Play with us as we dive into the mystical realm of oracle cards, discovering how these sacred tools can serve as bridges between your conscious mind and the wisdom of the universe.

Understand how to channel and harness your abilities in practical ways. From making choices that resonate with your soul to navigating challenges with clarity, you'll cultivate an intuitive toolkit to navigate life's twists and turns.

Go deeper by discovering your gifts and putting them into practice as we guide you through the Clairs. Using energy games, we will be able to get a better understanding of your "vibe" and how that resonates within you and outside of yourself. 

This workshop is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about weaving intuition into the fabric of your daily life. Discover how to infuse practices and rituals into your routines, relationships, and decision-making processes, enhancing your overall well-being.

Connect with like-minded friends on a similar journey. Share insights, experiences, and wisdom as you create a supportive network of individuals passionate about deepening their intuitive connection.

Plus, Dive into the Festive Spirit with Our Halloween Costume Party Right After! Following the workshop, join us for a mindful potluck gathering, where we'll collectively share our cherished wholesome and delectable creations. This vibrant community affair is absolutely complimentary, offering you a chance to forge new connections, embrace camaraderie, and revel in the joyous moments together.

*Note: Limited enrollment ensures a personalized experience. Secure your place today to embark on this illuminating journey of self-discovery and intuition.*

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