What to Expect as a Vendor:

The hippie hootenanny is an outdoor pop-up market held at Wild Raven's Nest at Old Mill Marketplace in Canton, TX.

Old Mill Marketplace was once a unique and thriving place to visit and spend time with family. Over time, it has experienced loss due to fires, and a slowing crowd believing it was gone forever. Many people remember it's glory days and the potential lives on.  The Hippie Hootenanny is a grassroots movement to revive and reclaim this amazing marketplace for artisans, creators, and makers.

Along the way we are building a strong community of small business that are there to support each other. Wild Raven's nest is a space that lives and breathes community and hosts many small businesses both in the workshop space and in the retail space. We want you to be a part of our vision! 

The event takes place during First Monday Trade Days, the largest flea market in the world. Old Mill Marketplace is a part of First Monday's and is not on the main grounds.  The event takes place in front of Wild Raven's Nest and the Village.

Vendor fees are $25 per 10x10 booth - for Saturday AND Sunday
Musicians, Food vendors, and Live Demo Artists are FREE

  To be approved as a Hippie Hootenanny vendor, there are some requirements:
Minimum of one ACTIVE social media platform - FB or IG
a 10x10 canopy set-up
A commitment to BOTH Saturday and Sunday
A business complementary to creating a safe and vibrant community for all. This means no politics and no propaganda of any kind. We do welcome hemp-friendly products and art, profanity, strange and unusual, re-purposed, and Hippie Vibe businesses. (also accepting readers, astrologers, human design specialists on a limited basis. Must have good reviews and ethical business practices)

Some regularly requested information about the event:
We encourage our vendors to come in their best hippie outfits, but it is not required.
Electricity is limited to booths that require power to operate, with prior approval only. Lights, fans, and other small electronics must be battery-operated, no generators.
Parking is free for vendors; mention it at the gate.
set-up starts at  8:30am , unloading of vehicles at booth space must be cleared out 30 minutes before event begins, and booths must be ready for business by start time. 
Payment methods that rely on service may be spotty depending on the First Monday crowd size, please have alternate payment methods such as cash, available. There is no Wi-Fi to connect to.
If you have no power, and need to charge a phone or other small item, please bring it into Wild Raven's Nest. We've got ya!
Vendors will receive their assigned space upon arrival.
Once your application has been submitted, an email response will be sent when it has been reviewed. 
there are no refunds, inclement weather event cancelation included. All funds go directly and immediately towards marketing with zero profit to organizers, who are also small business owners volunteering their time to build community. 

Applications Closed

Upcoming Hootenanny:
12/2 (10am-7pm) + 12/3  (10am-3pm)

Your organizers are Vivianna Severance of Wild Raven's Nest and Liz Funk of Funk N' Fresh Farm. Two businesses focused on connection and two friends ready to make the Hippie Hootenanny a success with and for our Vendors and community. 

Located at Old Mill Marketplace in Canton.
542 E. Dallas St. #101 Canton, Tx 75103

Pull into the parking lot and head left towards the red water tower and you will find The Village. Wild Raven's Nest is the farthest building and across the parking lot from the mountain. 

For more information, you can text or call (469) 505-7747, send an email to wildravensnest.info@gmail.com or get in contact via Instagram @_wildraven_